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Our vision, mission and values


In our vision, TTS will become an internationally recognized developer of products and services in the area of applied sensor technology in consumer and business environments.


Our mission is to have a major part in larger cooperative network organizations and take a leading role. The user and usability will always be the starting point of each product or service. Our products and services will be characterized by a balance between affordability, profitability  and relevance for society.


Our values are the basis of our ways of doing business. We only accept:

A. Respect our colleagues, suppliers and contractors

B. Respect the environment

C. Work hard, reward success, learn from failure

D. If you cannot put your heart in it don’t even try

E. Parsimony is a virtue

F. Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)


TTS has basic principles which will be adhered as much as possible in the overall business process.


Step by step the principles of CSR will be implemented in the company. Amongst others the following principles apply:


i) We will comply to legal frameworks and standards.


ii) In our design we will take into account the aspects of sustainability, in the whole chain, i.e. in production, the product, the use and waste disposal.


iii) We will not do business with companies of which it is proved or suspected that they make use of child labor, slavery, cause serious environmental damage, or which discriminate on basis of religion, race or sex.


iv) Our products are tested for safety and are CE marked when applicable.

Hi, my name is René de Torbal. When I look around me, I always think of ways to improve the things with which we surround ourselves. In a strange way most people have accepted that cheap things are ugly and unreliable. No wonder that the pile of thrown away stuff still grows in an ever accelerating manner.


When I got the opportunity to teach at the department Industrial Design of Eindhoven University of Technology I got infected with a new approach of design that really makes sense. I had contact with students and teachers who really want to make a difference, whether it is for elderly, the environment or enhancing of a user's experience: For me a new hope was born. At this department I had the honour to coach a talented student, Robert Szulc, who now has become my “partner in crime”. We share one vision and fortunately Robert is able to realise the ideas and products that we come up with together.

General Manager

I'm Robert Szulc, product manager and co-founder together with René. I am a determined hard worker and design thinker since a young age. I have great passion for technology, electronics and (making) music. This combined with my love for working with various materials and designing/creating electric guitars has driven me to become an industrial designer.


René was my coach during my first semester of studying Industiral Design, and eventually became my internship coach and client in my last two semesters. We work as a great team and boost each other's ideas and creativity. Nothing is a bad idea, and anything is possible and can be realised! Together with René's experience in the world of patents and intellectual property, we can also make sure that our ideas/products are protected and checked on originality.

Product Manager

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